Nak kurus Nak slim

hurmh..skang memane borak,mest ade topic shaklee and herbalife. then,mest masuk topic nk kurus. nk reduce weight. nk cut lemak and the list goes on.hurmh..for me..honestly nk stay slim,stay fit is only with controlling ur food and workout. workout means exercise berpeloh sakan regularly. but nk stay healthy with so n so weight,okla kot mkn watsoever lecithin ke pecah lemak ke nk kurus,nk buang abs,nk tighten ur thighs …erm..byk lemak calori yg perlu di bakar ye..ini personal opinion ai la kn..terms n condition may not be applied to everyone. hehe …lagi lagi yg dh memang genetik kurus, bdn solid slim nyelim…sila la mkn cake dgn gembira…hehe..

I dont agree in taking supplement nk kurus ni if u r below 40/50. lecithin ke herbal life ke dn lelain la…(mind ur self im pointing out bout nk kurus slim,for supplement vitamin n minerals ,i do agree consuming them for health purpose)

1.consume money tkde- tkleh continue consume

3.stop consume-> rebound

ur body confuse koz bfore this u hve always add smething to boost their performance,bile tkde booster….get even worse

kisah benar

seorang budak prmpuan  amik some sort of lecithin or fat burner pills when she was 23 yo. she continued for few months. not so much difference.then she stopped. she didnt rebound . she gained  weight months after when she came back from a trip(kesan horror mkn choc,cake,ice cream byk giler time winter).She tried to lose few kgs. she noticed omg! susah giler nk turun berat tho dh start workout, cut down food.unlike before(sebelum amek pil fat burner itewh),berat die senang turun biler start workout n cut down food. she remembered about those supplement….hurmh…mmg tkkan amek lg bende itu.

what did she do back then?

1.signed up for fitness club and joined less mills body workout class.

2. wrote down what she ate everyday

3.Googled the calorie calculator and recorded her calorie intake

4.Recorded her weight weekly

She lost the kgs she aimed for! budak prmpuan tuh tk la gemok kegedikan zmn muda nk kurus lebih2 je..haha.die smemangnye suke jogging tp besela,time winter sejuk nk keluar..time winter slalu berat die down kalo berat naek.cmtu la alkisahnye. jgn la tnye sape die ye..kekekeke..

ok,back to my story pulak..kesah benar zmn kurang bijak cara nak kurus


hehe..I started to jog when i was in UM,seriously I went thru one time like obsessed wth jogging. smpai berat ku turun less than 40kg. erm..jogging tuh sehat tp I refused to eat. One time , bukak pose mkn karipap je. the next day nk kluar , I almost pengsan dlm train. i was alone time tuh. none of my roomates knew kot..(oops,kali ni kantoi).smpai midvely, quickly g beli air n snickers.lantakla org tgk bulan pose. ai nk pitam okkay..from ther i learnt my lesson. MKN la dgn CKUP ^0^/


ade skali time study in japan. ade kwn yg bullimic,pnah bullimic.ooh,kazen pn ade jgak. so time tuh cm konon2 nk try la. mkn je sesuke pastuh throw up. GILER kn bile dgr..haha..time tuh tk rase giler pon..tried for 2 weeks kot. penat la nk mntah. mls ..saket I improvise..KUNYAH saje. tp tk telan. Of koz i did it only at home je! hehehe…but then after few weeks,i stopped. then just did kdg2 je. after 2-3 months,tk buat nk standby beg plastic. hahha…SILE JGN IKOT. ini org giler ye..kekekeke


one time,tried nk amik supplement konon pecah lemak.. eh,ini bkn ai la.. budak prmpuan tuh..hahahha…bile dh stop, ade time gain weight, nk turun berat cm susah giler than before..i learnt eh, she learnt frm her mistake . NO SUPPLEMENT OR FAT BURNER PILLS(semasa masih muda yg gagah lgi tok berexercise)…


balek msia,trus g jmpe dentist nk pkai braces sbb tk nk mkn byk time raya . yes,i went to pluck my teeth bulan pose. 2 days bfore raya,pkai braces .Pastuh moody giler nk ngamuk cranky koz saket kn.pastu ulcers kept occuring for the first 3 months. OOh.. tp mmg berat turun! hehehee..muke pn cengkung..kekekeke…#gigi sye mmg berlapis eh,bkn sesaje nk bazir ribu raban… tula,wearing braces will change ur face ,ur roun n full cheeks


itula kisah kisah benar sbb nk kurus sgt but not in so healthy ways. But , Im happy for myself koz i love exercising and doing workout. Feels great u noe after berpeloh sakan tuh. Apart from my pregnancy,I managed to keep my weight in happy mode. not happy if it reaches 44-45kg. only one time mase balek trip US winter tuh ,i felt so round u noe wth 45kg.

kesah benar zmn bijak sikit cara nak kurus

3 years in japan,I sticked to jogging routine.My final year,mmg rajin la g fitness club yg ade body combat tuh.recorded my calorie journal till ai dpt my aim weight.

Balek msia,continued jogging and kdg2 swimming ngn rakan g swim kt um..puas buat laps  .ooh. i downloaded Bootcamp workout(jimat mase jimat duit tkyah g gym). if ujan or mls,bakar lemak dlm umah je sriesly satu bdn nye effect workout. Saya suke!

Dtg dubai plak,tkleh nk jog,luar pasir…so I downloaded body combat less mills.(jimat mase jimat duit tkyah g gym) tuh la yg i hv been doing for the past 2 years.mase prgnant ade gk swim after we moved in to our new place. time pregnant,my weight reached 51-52 kg.I gained 11-12kg . after gave birth,berat dlm 44-45kg .start buat workout mase baby 5 months old.then start swimming jgk.

And now…yeay im happy …last month kot br dpt touch 41kg++ . excited giler time tuh. husband balek trus terjah die…weee..berat ai dh sekian sekian kilo la !

I am a food lover .I eat what I want but I maintain my exercise routine. Time nk kurus or lose weight, I make it 2-3 times a week (50-60mins workout) .If nk maintain,myb once a week.

Weekdays I dont eat much(unless ade occasion org nk blanja mkn sdap,kna la mkn okkays..hehehe) . I eat lavishly during weekends.

My body is not type yg mkn byk tp tk gemok. So kna la berusah susah sket berpeloh sakan berjimba utk tidak naek berat tp mkn je ape nak(berpada pada)..hehe..

anyway,nk tau body combat tuh cmne…check this out..n byk lg kt u tube..i love it koz ade combination martial arts and kickboxing.hehehe..(kate ade black belt kn taekwondo,tp knfem ai gigit je tgn die..hehehe)


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