Zhariff 10 months old!

Yeay..Zhariff can walk..at 10 months 1 day old!! hikhik..I wanted to post the video but  turned out it was in wrong rotation..need to learn more la ..hehe..video nye cm gini..

Little Zhariff can walk now!

My papa said I started to walk quite fast,my milestones were advanced but my first tooth was late! hahhha..Zhariff too…he is still with his newborn gum..licin mulus gusinye…Skrang best btol maen ngn die…muke tersengih abes..pndai plak buat muke bajet comel..haha..

Now I understand feeling bestnye ade baby sndiri..hihikihik..(lambat kn mama zhariff ni..choi..hikhik)


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