Pregnant again???

Haha… shocked with my title? I was shocked too when I was told that I am 5months plus pregnant with 2nd child. I went to the hospital with hubby and midwife checked on me and told me I have to undergo for urgent normal delivery. I was induced and being asked to push when contractions took place.

It was all fast and happened quickly. I remember Zahrul was there and had my mobile in my hand trying to reach my dad.  Zahrul and I were shocked of the news that I was carrying my child. We had no clue at all and my period came normal monthly. Weird huh?

Due to baby severe condition of which the baby could not survive in the womb anymore, I had to give birth. Risk of premature baby?? Yes… 50/50 for the baby to survive when the organs were not fully matured enough to survive in our world.

But then…..

I woke up…. it was all a dream…. fuh… fuh.. fuh…


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