Mama Zhariff sweet 18th birthday – errk????

Yesterday was my day.. 7th December… i turned 18th… what? U dont believe me? Haahaha.. its oakkkay… I have funny part story and not so fun part story yesterday. The funny part was when I woke up and went out from bedroom to go to the guest toilet which I will pass the living hall door, then I saw Zahrul was standing near the dining table. Then,he saw me…he was overwhelmingly surprsied… like
Haarrh!!! Ish.. terkejut! Ala,apsal bgn awl,tgh nk buat surprised la! Ala.. tk jadik la… n he laughed!
So I went further to him and saw he was like arranging something … turned out,it was my birthday.cake.


My reaction was.. i need to go to the loo first. After that, barula ai g tgk kek bebtol and gelak… the funny part was die yg terkejot beruk nmpak i trpacak bgn tepi pintu… hahahha.. tulis atas tissue pon jadikla erk bang… hahaha..

He bought my favourite cake from Katrina in Mirdiff. Yes people,in Dubai i recommend you honey cake  by Katrina. Sdaaaap wooo! price is also reasonable. 10dh per slice. If ono whole,not sure..

Jumping to not so much fun part was he had to go to the office tho it was Saturday. I decided to go to Ghaya since kak hani was there. I spent my day hanging out there till Zahrul finished his work and picked me up,we went to Mirdiff city center.

That was all on my birthday.. hehe… nothing extravaganza koz I dont fancy those things…
( I do ponder and remind myself kite sibuk nk buat birthday party awesomely,ade anak org susah,nk beli one slice of secret recipe cake is something big to them,some of them never have a thought of having a birthday cake… )


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