Dibba Fujairah,UAE


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Dibba is a small coastal port offering exactly zero to discerning travelers. However just outside Dibba, along the Fujeirah coast are a couple of wonderful surprises shoreline.(Incidently Dibba, although a small, boring town is owned by 2 of the UAE emirates (Fujeirah and Sharjah) and by Oman. The Dhow trips are all from Oman, include 2 dives and food and usually take all day (9.00 am to 6.00pm). To cross the border into Oman you will need your Passport.

Camping in Dibba Fujairah

First of all , I survived!!!! haha..I am not good with sand and seawater plus sleeping on nature mattress is my least priority when deciding a holiday schedule. However,I did! chickenduckdance..hihihihihi… Our big mem,Kak Milah initiated the plan and big thanks to her and her family for organizing from food till camping accessories.Otherwise,we would not have that such perfect enjoyable weekend get away.

We started our journey from Dubai at 9am with 4 cars and made a quick stop at Masafi. I was so excited to see lots of carpet and rug shops.Hehehe..the price were lot cheaper(please bargain) if I were to compare in Dubai Souk. I must come back here with money!


Scenery with mountain of rock all the way




Persian carpet


Handmade Afghan carpet 2mx3m price range 1000-1500dh

From Dubai,it is about 60-80mins to reach Masafi and about close to noon,we reached Dibba Fujairah. Our initial plan was to enter Oman,Dibba Oman where camping  side were provided but we were not allowed to enter as the officers informed that from now onwards, only hotel reservations are allowed. Plan was changed to find a suitable random camping area in Dibba Fujairah and we found nearby Rotana area.





Our food stock!

When we arrived,the sun was still bright and hot,so I waited in the car while all  strong and muscular gentlemen were occupied setting up the tents. Zhariff pn duk resting in the car. Once our tent was ready,I unpacked things and prepared for swimming session with Zhariff!!!




I tell u kn…best giler laut die!!!!It was my first experience ever swimming in the sea without rinsing with clean water(not that the seawater is n0t clean enough) but I felt great! Did not feel sticky and unease on my skin. Infact, I did not experience my skin becomes irritated and dried.Must be the seasalt was really damn good! 🙂 Zhariff was scared of the water initially,but we brought him joy and made him enjoy himself to have fun with splashes of the nature.

During the night, they made the campfire and had our dinner prepared by our Mem Chef. hehe..I felt terribly bad that I was not such a helpful person on that day 😦 . Occupied with cleaning up Zhariff and putting him to sleep .



One thing that made me burst into anger madness during the night was the huge and loud noise came from nearby Emiratis camping compound. one thing kn sni,mmg diorang ni igt tmpat datok nenek, so outsiders jgn la nk buat hal,kite yg kna saman.mementangla they have the money…kite ade ape,kite keje cr money je…huhuhu. They put on music from 2am till 7 am NON STOP!!!! and VERY LOUD!!!!! mmg sumpah seranah tau mlm tuh.

For those who plan to go for camping,be ready with blankets and thick jacket. During the day,u might say ..Naaa,it wont be that cold…But!!!! I m pretty sure u will need real thick blanket and jacket or else u will be freezing in cold vicinity between 3am-6am.time embun tuh mmg sejuk gileers…My little Zhariff slept well through the night.Yokatta.



A beautiful sunrise - credit to abg K

Amazing moment captured-credit to abg K.Subhanallah.

We had our breakfast later and when Zhariff woke up,I brought him over to play with the sand but he was kind of geli I think. hahaha..ikot mama die bajet uptown girl 




Baby Kimi was pretty occupied having fun playing with the sand all over and Zhariff?? He just kept sitting still. Acah acah nk maen pasir tp kaku jerk..Boring btol! hahaha…The funny part was when he tried to reach the sand and was contemplating to feel the sand ,so he brought his hand further but then he took his hand back in…hahahhaa…giler bajet Zhariff ni Its okay,nnt kite maen pasir lg k Zhariff chan!

By 10am, we started to pack things up to go back to Dubai and we had lunch singga Ghaya!…hehehe…It was a great weekend get away.Another an unforgettable experience I shall value in life. Alhamdulillah.On our way back to Dubai,we dropped by for a visit to an old mosque built in 15th Century but I was feeling bad dizziness and nauseated with carsick. I missed the visit the old mosque T_T

p/s I remind Zhariff not to poopoo from the day we started our journey till we reached Dubai and he obeyed me!!! hahaha….giler nk g cuci kt laut if poopoo tetengah mlm ! Btw,for mothernature call kiteorg singgah toilet kt nearby mosque/ nearby petrol station which was about 3 mins drive. So tkdela real camp yg tkde toilet at all..hikhik..mandi pon kt masjid. Imagine if it would be a rel camping,meticulous restroom concern is forbidden! …hahaha..

kalau dtg Dubai,jgn lupe mandi laut Fujairah tau!


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