December-ians Bday Cake

Last week, our ritual balek kg event was an enjoyable so-called family gathering. It was a blast birthday gathering indeed! It was for all december babies and I was included too! Yeay !



It was actually a surprise for aliah but yg laen pon tmpang sekaki lah . I brought the cake and shy shy cat wrote my own name. Hahahahaha… (it was an instruction that I had to obey … hikhik)
For dinner, we were served nasi kerabu. N guess what… that was the first time I had in my life. I like it! Baru tau sdap hokkkay… hehe… pnyela 28thn hidup eh ai 18thn hokkkay ,kt dubai jgak mkn.



We had a little premier short movie presented and directed by shadat. Hehehehe… abes movie ade org brseorangan study nihongo prepare tok phone iview kt dapur.kuikuikuikui…


P/s thank you again ghaya residence and our little family here for all the happy moment spent.


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