Jumeirah Beach Park,Dubai



Tadda…Zhariff had his last sand playtime in Dubai last weekend. Weeeee! It was actually mama Zhariff who was super excited to go to the beach for a swim. Hikhikhik.. In Jumeirah, u have one free public beach which is open to all and one private beach,Jumeirah Beach Park which admission fee is required. 5dh per head and 20dh per car. I prefer to go to this private park rather than the open free beach because of crowdness of people. Plus vindia vangla vakistan ramai giler hehe.

Previously, I went with geng nahda for a picnic and we arrived around sunset,so I didnt mange to go to the beach side. This time we went around 2pm to make sure enough time to be utilized on the beach! Dian was togther with us and Zhariff had kakak ah chee play with. Yeay!



Zhariff was happily walking when his feet were comfortably touching the sand. This time,he was not afraid of neither the sand nor the water. Infact, he insisted to go further to the wet area and he was excited when the waves reached his feet. (^ _ ^)/~~ Zhariff and mama had a great time on the beach! Weeeeee!




It was windy and the sea was super cold. I was enthusiastically looking forward to swim but once I entered in with whole body,gilervavi sejuk!!! Omg! Super cold! I got out from water quickly and started trembling mildly. Fuhfuhfuh..

Later on, our geng Nahda arrived but it was already dark. The beach will be restricted after sunset but the green park area is open till 10pm. The facilities are well provided  and compensate everything we need from changing room, toilet, prayer room and shops. After minggling for a while with geng Nahda, we made our move and went out for dinner with Dian.

You can also host a bbq picnic in the park area. I love the blue sea and its clear water. I recommend you to go on Saturday rather than Friday. The famous burj al arab is also located on this shore line.and you can have a perfect view from this beach. So people,dont forget to have a visit to Jumeirah Beach Park!


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