Dubai hosts world s largest firework New Year 2014



Dubai: A spectacular display of pyrotechnics ushered the New Year in Dubai, with fireworks decorating UAE night sky, creating a new world record.The mesmerising display of fireworks encircled the Palm Jumeirah, the World Islands and Burj Al Arab.Thousands of people, who watched the spectacle from various locations, were left spell-bound.Crowds thronged the beaches of Umm Suqeium, Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Residence, from early in the evening, despite chilly weather.Families, with children only months old, stationed themselves from as early as 5pm to get the best possible view of the spectacle.“I came with my family from Abu Dhabi just to watch the fireworks. We started at 12 noon, reached here at 5pm. It’s been a wonderful evening, really worth the wait,” said Hamid Mirza, an Engineer based in capital.Families came from as far away as Fujairah and Ras Al khaimah, where as many people flew in from neighbouring countries to be part of the world Record.



Burj KhalifaScores of fiery flowers bearing the colours of the UAE flag rained on the Burj Khalifa for 5 minutes to usher in 2014.”The show was great, it’s the most amazing fireworks show that I’ve seen in my life,” Aya, a tourist from Sudan, told Gulf News.Thousands of amethysts lit the night sky as red and silver fireworks cascaded the 828-metre tower.  This year’s highlights, however, was the fireworks shaped like the petals of the Hymenocallis desert flower – from where the Burj Khalifa’s design was based. The petals created the illusion of it enveloping the tower.”It’s worth the four-hour wait here. We even flew to Dubai just to see it.,” she added. Finnish tourist Aki said the show was “quite nice” considering his distance from the tower.To control the massive crowd, Dubai Police barricaded some sections of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard to but some rowdy revellers managed to jump over and break the barricade just to get closer to the tower.


Source : photo from google and news from gulfnews.

P/s HAPPY NEW YEAR!! may 2014 brings you success dunia akhirat with your loved ones. We spent our night at ghaya and watched the fireworks live. Wooohooooo!!! 24milion tuh total cost fireworks..kaya giler!


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