Arrived!!!! ( long due post)

Yes, Im back for good!! Yeaaay… sorry daddy zhariff…sobsobsob…. cant wait for u to come back this april ..

Ok,anyway, it was a tragic check in/boarding on the day i flew.. wannna y? I had to beg the staff to allow me for boarding bcause I was  5mins late from 1hr bfore departure time. I had my e-boarding pass with seat no,so i didnot rush to go to the airport. 1-1.5hr bfore should be fine i guess. But then, when we arrived, Zahrul dropped us wth luggage at the entrance and he went to parking area. It was just that time, how I wish I should have gone to the counter for luggage drop. I waited for Zahrul and proceeded to the counter and was told that system was already locked and luggage drop was not possible. Huuuuuaaaah! She even told me to get the next flight and I needed to pay the penalty. Eeeeeee…. kecoh betol.. I insisted to allow my baby and I for boarding with no luggage drop. Abes tnggal 40kg brg ai!!!!!! Bj,brg baby sume tnggal.

Btw,i flew wth emirates airlines. Hurmmmh.. dh strict sgt la they all. Cabin crew few were not helpful and not friendly at all. Next time, i ll choose MAS!

This time during flight journey,zhariff was no longer fit for bassinet and I had to hold him for 7 hours. Ok,mmg tkleh mkn lngsung. Sian zhariff jgak. He slept all the way but few times cried bcoz of discomfort.

There was a delay of 20mins during landing and about 4pm++, stroller came out and taddddaaaa.. zhariff met grandpapa… As usual,i warned zhariff not to poopoo in flight,so when he arrived home,selamat la poopoo… haaaha.. goodboy syg!

About my lugggage, Zahrul helped to repack and distributed to few dubai friends. I have 6 times delivery. Hehe. 2 pilots and dubai friends. Shukur la ade org tlg dlm emergency time mcm ni.. So far, I have received 4 parcels. Hikhik.. anther few in schedule. Alhmdulillah… zhariff dpt pnjam bj frm my friend,she sent to my hse. I pnjam bj relative tok wedding and interview. Haaahaha..

Ok,will write more later about last weekend wedding… byeeeeee…..


Ini budak jetlag lg… mama kna tnggu die br bleh tdo.. haiiiish…


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