4th workplace

Helo blog..

Have so many things to write but less time to write. Btw,I have started my new job which I am so flattered to share about it. Anyway, from all 3 interviews,all of them came up with their offers and it was very hard for me to make a final decision. I was in dilemma between amex and petronas. Amex offered 25% extra from Pet which is a big amount to me. However, Pet jobscope is much more interesting and they are using SAP which I look forward for my long term career growth.

So here I am, serving as one of the Petronas employees. My group , Petronas Lubricant International which is wholly owned by Petronas holdings. My rezeki… alhamdulillah…

Anyway, apart from that 3 job offers, another offer came up without any plan or any interview. A job to cater tiny human in my womb for the upcoming months. Yup… found out that I m positive pregnant during the petronas medical check up. What a shock!!!

I understand that it is a special gift from Him.. but its just that I had to face it alone. With my history of pregnancy sickness,it will be a big challenge for me. Zahrul and I didnt plan to conceive and we took our iniative precautions to have a gap 2 -3 years for our next baby. And yes, we have discussed and planned that I am going to start my job,focussing on future career growth along with raising Zhariff. Im totally ok with that.. but plan yg laen dtg tanpa diduga.

And now…. my daily vomitting has started..infact,today I had to go for IV drip..dh rase lembik smcam.. today pon dh 3x vommit… penat btol.. ya.allah… mnum air pon susah… mkn tk lalu.. head is so heavy and dizzy.. mual n loya jgn ckpla… yes, i have to start all over this cycle again…

Though hubby is far away, papa is here most of the time. He sends me to the lrt stn and picks me up in the evening. pening pon suruh papa picit… dh tue bangka pon bajet manja kn… hehehe..
Zhariff is now wth zahrul parents during weekdays. From monday till friday, I dont get to see him. Miss him so much nk cium peluk gomol si kenit tuh. Weekends he will at my home. So far,this is a temporary plan till Im a bit stronger nk antar bbysitter n look after during the night.

Dugaaan yg besar juga i feel this time but what to do,there must be any significant that I will realize someday later. Now,start balek routine reciting alquran and I hope boleh khatam cepat this time.


Mama is missing u so much tau syg!!!!!


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