Calcium supplement for pregnant ladies

I did my first check up with gyne Dr Suhaimi at Columbia Asia, Setapak. He is super nice and friendly. I have decided to continue with him and deliver there.

Everything seems well and as usual doctors will ask ….”what type of supplement are you taking?”  and obviously my asnwer will be…”hehe…nothing,i cant swallow tablets,pills etc…” dgn senyum kelatnye…

He advised me to take calcium and iron.Those 2 are crucially important . And when i said i cant swallow..he recommended me this!

milky chew calcium


This is so awesome! it tastes like u kunyah sugus choc flavour…each sugus gives you 4oomg calcium equals to 2 glasses of milk…weeee!!!

milky chew info


Best kn???

Happy trying to those who are in the same shoes with me..go get this !


p.s mungkin ade pertikaian in regards to contents , but i checked with few source n friends who are doctors…i decided to consume it. terpulang kpd anda.




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