My First Business Trip

Oh blog, i rarely see you nowadays…T_T

Anyway , I am freaking tired and still recovering…myb I am now 7 months pregnant,of course tiredness is my best friend.

Last week,I was in Japan for one week for business trip . Thanks a lot to my Japan distributor,Petroplan staffs of their kind hospitality. Mainly to Ohno-san  ,he helped around to carry my bags.


My travelling colleagues also were helpful and so much fun to have them around.

We had to perform plant visit to survey for the current project of low-end Syntium petronas brand product.I gained lots of knowledge on oil and gas industry ,mainly related to lubricant business field.

I travelled to Tokyo and Osaka.Our distributor office is in Shinjyuku and their port/warehouse is in Osaka . Another great part was when I managed to meet my 2 Uni classmates in Osaka . Thank you Maki-chan and Hitomi-chan.

Overall , it was fun,informative and memorable trip for ,hectic+ tiring!!!!! well, what do you expect from a business trip…

And I ate a lot!!!!!!!…..

Alhamdulillah , Allah has answered my prayers which was to make everything went smooth , safely arrived destination and home. Shukur…

My pregnancy is ok so far..but i feel very heavy and it has lowered down to lower belly…;-(

Ok then ,

c ya around …









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  1. marlina
    Dec 26, 2014 @ 12:28:08

    Hi, congratulations with your pregnancy and new job. Is there any opportunity for me to join PLI as well? Thank you…


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