31 weeks pregnancy-alert!

waaah… what a day at a hospital today…

for the past 2 weeks, people around me keep telling..eh u r almost due? ur tummy looks it has shifted down low..n I felt it too…at first, just thought about it lightly, nothing much to worry I guess..

however, I started to feel mild contraction..hurmh…not persistent and no bleeding, so it cant be labor sign. well, today I met my gyne and after the scanning he saw me kind of facing pain, so he sent to labor room for contraction monitoring.for 20 mins, there were 2 contractions shown by the ctg machine. doc said, this shouldn’t be..still early 31 weeks.

so, he suggested to take dexa injection to enhance baby lungs maturity in case baby is born premie.ok,mntak jauh la kan…atleast 35/36 weeks ok la kot baby over 2kg..now beby weighs 1.6kg.
doc also prescribed me oral medicine to control pain n reduce contraction muscle pain.

the injection he warned me its gonna b painful but i didnt know how bad it wuld be..but then after the injection took place..saaakeeet gileeer weeeeih!!! mmg mntak wheel chair..i culdnt walk…fufufufu….what an experience…the oral medicine,it has the sleepy effect so initially he wanted to give 2/3 days of sick leave..then he said..ok,tkpe..u rehat smpai friday trus…alhamdulillah..shukur…

u know why,my big hero kna cmpak pulak…pead dr pon didnt rule out 100% it is measles koz he had his vaccin but i told him it was very long delay. i only brought him in mid june. anyway,blood test was done,negative on denggue or hfmd. he had fever last thursday n friday and the skin iritations came out yesterday. so,i cant send him to babysittr’s hse.

first thing in mind..oh no,i cant use my Al,need to reserve it for maternity.huhu…but then Alllah helped to solve.my gyne gave me one week straight off. i spoke with my superior,i have my pc wth,i will assist work from home.

so,that was what i could summarized…mama n zhariff quarantined at home.hope he will behave well..no tantrum pls..


now he likes to snap his own pic..skali check gallery,abes berpuluh gmbr die selfie saje..this is one of them..hahahha..

ya allah,may my pregnancy goes well,may i deliver at a very minimal pain,may my baby comes out
healthily and mama also recovers well after delivery
amin amin ya rabbal alamin…(extension doa: cepat kurus,tkde strecthmark,tk nak czer,baby tk meragam,baby byk tdo mlm,baby senang jaga, mama cepat sehat,duit ckup, semua urusan dipermudahkn…heheeh..amin amin…) ^_^
kna start minum airzam zam dh kot…

doakan yg baek baek for me eh..*_*


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