my 2nd little hero delivery momento : fuuuuh

hi blog…too long i ve missed you..hehe….

btw,i have safely delivered my 2nd hero on Tuesday ,26th August at 6.15pm.normal delivery of 3.85kg baby boy and this time wthout epidural.fuuuuuuuuh….

monday,25th aug : went for 38th week checkup and decided to go for induce.i couldnt wait any longer n afraid baby might gain extra weight. from scan, est weight is size range will be 3.5 kg. balek umah ,mmg ngaji n doa , prform solat sunat sume and pray that ade dilation ,so no need induce.evryone says induce is extra painful.

tuesday,26th aug : 10.00am, met my gynea Dr Suhaimi Hassan(i fully recommend him) in the morning and he did VE.alhamdulillah my doa came true.2 cm wonder i noticed there was brownish stain when i passed urine. so doc said this will be easier, he will break my wbag and we wait for delivery progress.

12.00 noon , doc came and asked nk epidural or not, but he encouraged not to take if i can bear the pain. he prolonged that delivery progress will be easier for 2nd baby….i was in doubt nk ke tak nak…during zhariff time,i was on epi .still feel the pain but it was bearable. so,after pkir2..i said i try wthout epi…doc motivated me..tkpe kite cube dlu..

2.00pm, after dh poop evrything,doc break the wbag..start iv drip masuk ubat to make tne contraction stronger.till this moment,cntractions were still ok.not too painful.

2.30pm , fuhuh..dh start saket…nurss ckp bleh amek painkiller injection.penthidine ape tah….once nurse inject,ngntok kow kow super gileeeer…couldnt open my eyes at all.

3.00pm – 5.00pm , i culdnt remember much..yg igt contractions getting stronger and I asked for thn..but nurse said..already 6-7 cm ni…sikit lgi.i heard doc said..skkit lg…dh 6cm dh ni..

saket makin kuat,nurse tnye ade rase nk poop tak….i said yes…checked dilation dh 8-9 cm.evrytime cntraction,i sedut gas lalok double lalok n ngntok…

5.30pm-6.30pm , prepared nk push. kaki psg kt pedal.doc dh standby. ( my eyes were still closed sbb ngntok sgt) but i could feel and hear everything. first push tried….then 2nd push…3rd push……alhmdulillah 6.15pm,rase lega,contraction has dh kluar but snyap je. heard doc azankn. i opened up my eyes sikit tgk cm biru..dgr doc kte cord tali pusat terlilit kt leher. i was like,my bby ni alive or not meh..huhu..
after few seconds, dh dgr uweeeeek,uweeeeek,uweeekk…alhmdulillah…dgr doc said baby s weight is 3.85kg.terkezoooot dgr…
doc took out the placenta,drh beku while nurse inject ubt tok kecut rahim n gosok perot kuarkn drh. doc started to stitch up. ok,tk rase sgt since dh kna bius,cume rase bile part kt kulit tuh..bile saket doc suruh sedut gas lalok tuh…

7.00pm onwards :
i mmg dh ngntok giler..mata tutup je n tk larat…around mgrib,nurses dh siapkn myself and sent me to maternity ward. beby trus g nursery koz i was too lalok bcoz of the painkiller. nk angkat tgn pgg biscuit pn tkleh. mkn nsi tk lalu. hubby suapkn roti sikit2.

beby pn tk pegang n tgk lgsung.i rested the whole night. nurses keep coming to check i dh pass urine or not.aroun 1am,baru try g toilet.pergggghhhhh….mncabar giler…my head was so dizzy,heavy and grogy giler..nurses teman..and ok ,managed to pee.tho susah sket kna tnggu lame.

gitula citer my 2nd labor experience…this time 4 hours total pain duration..zhariff dlu was about 6-7hrs. stitches byk sket dr dulu koz this time baby pon bigger size. post labor pon this time lg teruk …

*review on hospital*
alhmdulillah everything went well. sgt satisfied ngn nurses,food n service frm this hospital, bravo columbia asia setapak..:-)
total bill is rm vacuum,no forcep,no epi,two nights in personal room, two nights baby in nursery. confinement menu provided. dr suhaimi as my gyne which i am fully satisfied with…
discharge pon cepat,payment settlement ok.we used GL from my husband office and balance I will claim from my company insurance.

will write more soon…

p/s oh yes,dis time as same as zhariff s time, i brought air selusuh akar fatimah,and let the cap open during the whole labor hours.alhmdulillah,both time,my dilation progress went well in short hours.


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