my 2nd little bambam- Zayed Yusoff

introducing my super bambam the 2nd…..


day 1

taddddaa….my 3.85kg baby..normal delivery by mama super power awesome…haha..without epidural…fuh fuh fuh..alhmdulillah….allah made it all very smooth and short labor hours…


so far,he doesnt cry much but!!!!!!! he wakes up every 2 hours during the night….huaaaaah…daddy and mama who feel like crying!!! he drinks milk little by little but very frequent…hopefully,he will get his sleeping routine better once daddy starts husband is fully in charged for night session.koz i need my sleep…but of course keep waking up few times koz of his mild uweeek,uweeek….asking for milk.

ya allah,permudahknla segala urusaan kami…amin…dgrknla doa kami..amin…


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