my 2nd confinement

it has been 3 weeks plus since i gave birth…next tuesday will be 4 weeks postnatal far so good,so far so not good pon ade…

i highly recommend consuming vit c and e.i amek shakleee nye vitamin.then i mkn pati haruan everyday for 3 weeks.alhmdulillah,dis time stitches mmg rase cepat baek.on the 10th day,it was painful sbb luke nk kering and pedih.i took panadol for 3 days.and at the same time,mcik bidan prepared air manjakani to wash evrytime i go to the loo.
amazingly few days after that,the pain soothed down and dh siap pakai seluar.yeay! no more kaen batik weih!!

i consume duphalac sbb ikot history dlu,mest saket nk continue la smpai 3 botol so far…
no constipation but its just painful when the time comes.i have to ensure the stool is soft.

same as before,i tk ckup kental tok direct bfeed…i bpumping aja…plus my body is not strong enough nk bgn mlm. with bottle feeding org lean bleh tlg feed and i can have rest.

during time zhariff dlu, i remember i had fever mmg i anticipate,dis time mest i dmam jgak.
and so it came true.last week i was down wth fever for 3 days.38, was even close to 40.went to hosp,blood ok..urine je kotor sket..
and dis week,again fever came again.3 days with 38degree…i m kinda of lost track how many papan panadol i have taken…susu pon drop…
at first i thought myself culdnt adjust sleeping routine yg tk dpt tdo stretch koz i had to wake up for pumping milk evry 5 hours.but then after few days,engorgement turned out not too bad,so i can pump ebery 6-7 hours.meaning i can sleep longer.but still demam….
stress…hurmh. no stress ….
jg baby…baby tk tdo lngsung wth me…ngn mcik bidan yg super baek ni..die fully tlg jg siang n mlm…
food…hurmh,knowing me mmg i folow pantang…
tktaula nk rule out as demam bkn scientific ke erk….org tetue kate keteguran…
i kol my dad if he can meet ade atok ni,dr kecik we all slalu refer die…so papa said,he told him already…

5.coping between toddler and newborn
honestly,i am so grateful ade mcik siti yg stay in wth me for 44 days and my dear hubby.zahrul fully in charged jaga zhariff and mcik siti jg baby zayed.
i bgn tok mkn,toilet,mandi n pam susu je. tuh pn demam teruk..haish bdn…

6.berpantang melayu
i managed to wear bengkung..time demam tk pakai la..tungku everyday…mcik siti buatkn tangas 3 days..and evryday mandi air rebusan dedaun segar…now tnggal dis flabby skin on my tummy..grrrrrr…..and anther 3 kg to pre pregie weight…ni mmg lemak degil,will take few months kot..slalunye abes bfeeding senang sket turun koz i can eat less n exercise more.

*for the first 7 days,it was hard for me..even to wake up and stand up straight,i culdnt.hubby tlg mandikan smpai day 7th.the first 3 days,mmg kna abdomen mmg saket giler.nurse kte probly due contraction kuat plus baby size besar and wth my size,post labor effect mmg teruk sket.but after urut sume,alhmdulillah,i felt better…after a week,dh ok dh,bleh jln buat air sndiri sume..

ok,thats all my stories so far…till next time


zhariff and zayed


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hazzy
    Nov 19, 2014 @ 17:00:43

    Salam dear, I was googling about confinement lady and stumble upon your blog.

    Boleh share contact makcik Siti ni? Where is she based? I tengah survey-survey for confinement lady and you seem to be really happy with her service .

    Thanks in advance 🙂


  2. Nisha
    Feb 18, 2015 @ 07:45:09

    Salam. boleh tak bagi saya number makcik yang mengurut tu…
    thanx ye….


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