Working mama mode needs a booster

My first post since I have started working…hurmmh…only one word to describe


Hehe…But , I am happy to be back at work.yeay!

Excitedly choosing clothes in the morning , cheerfully putting on make up,necklaces and bangles , happily to wear working shoes but……extremely tired when I shut my eyes close at 10.30 pm every night…ngehehhehe…

The first 2 weeks were like climbing mountains and acrossing jungle for me …fhenaat sgt…But as weeks passed by , the feeliing being as super working mummy became stronger…wo yeah! bring it on!

I managed to cook , fold clothes , do laundry , play with Zhariff and Zayed  , bring my lunch box bekal to office consistently.Of course , there were hiccups in the routine but my husband and I sorted it out together .

Alhamdulillah ,  he is also helpful. TATAPI ai sentap btol ngn forgetful symptom memory lost die…haissha…

Sayang,i nk sumbat omega satu botol kt u so that ur brain can remember things better! muahahahhahahhahaa…

As for office things , I hope my boss can understand I am DISABLE to come early…hahaha..amek ko anak buah tetiap hari dtg 9.30am or 10.00 am…kekeekke..So far he has not mentioned anything. All i do is I ensure my works get done.

Here,I nk membebel my daily routine.Though I wake up early , I have to clean dishes at sink , washed feeding bottles , put them sterilized , boil water ,ensure flusk is filled with hot water , prepare my bekal . Then I take my shower and get ready . Later , take Zhariff and send him to babysitter.

Zahrul helps to send Zayed in the morning .

Once I reach  home , prepare dinner … ketang ketung pong pang pang ai kt dapur mcm robot bibik indon(tapi comel cun la)…hahaha..our  ETA food to arrive dining table normally is around 8. Take my shower , pray and ready for dinner.

Then , create a war with Zhariff to make him eat…hehehe…entertain him ,play with him…untill 10 pm.

Smbil tu ,ai selaku bbibik comel yg cun,needs to fold clothes . My husband helps to dry them out and helps to feed Zayed.

10 pm lights off ..war is on off depends on Zhariff’s mood to sleep.hehhehe..normally he is okay to sleep once we switch off all the lights.die golek golek then will fall asleep.

Gitula …working mama juggling with motherhood. For me , what i really need is my beauty sleep . My husband helps to feed Zayed during the night. I am so grateful I still have my optimum 8/9 hours sleep every night . Otherwise I will become robot lembik and bibik cememeh okayy…hehehhe..^_~


I hope we can afford to have our maid soon .Actually , I tried with 2 indonesian maids . Hurmmmhpp..hampeh hampagas ..fine,sorang tuh she was sick and not fit to work . Abeh tuh,yg die sibuk nk cr keje wat pe. Yang sorang lgi,mmg hampagas giler …i think she freaks out nk jage baby kecik .So I said to Zahrul , we wait till the kids 3-4 yrs old and we can have filipino maid . But monthly mmg 1200RM la kn minnimum nk byr…

But if it seems my husband and I can manage everything , maybe i will just forget about having maid. Hurmmh…I pray that Allah will ease everything for me and grant me best plans for all .

My year end in office was quite hectic , we had our JAPAN cutomer visit  , I had to travel to Malacca . Handling the year end shipment to chase volume and meetings.Furthermore ,  I will start my business trip in next January 2015 to Japan.

Its okay , I enjoy what I do now…and grateful with my flexible superiors and team .

Okies, till here…

Catch u up later blog!



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