Business trip -Tokyo auto salon 2015

helo guys..

I am currently in Tokyo for my January bis trip. Our distributor invited us to attend Tokyo Auto Salon.

Before I joined PLI , omg! I dont even know there is an event called so!..hahahhha..i dont even bother about racing.only F1..kekekekkke…

But now….all the super GT…GT300 and GT500..bla..bla..came into my vocab.So today,I had a very good exposure about high performance cars.

We were invited to attend Tokyo auto salon. I came with my superiors.. 3 of us.

Our distributor invested their money in sponsorship for 2 big companies and these companies own few racing cars.
They carry our proud national product,PETRONAS SYNTIUM.


This is one of the racing car from LOTUS maker.


The racing driver is Katoh san , the one with hat and glasses,car is own by VT holdings.

From another company, the owner is Mr Yokoyama,from Osaka Toyopet Group. Our product sales volume is about 65% contributed from OTG cardealers.our very important customer!


This car is only one in the world. It carries our petronas syntium too.


We met the big boss and had a short discussion. His schedule is fully occupied through out the year.

We invited our south korea distributor too .Ms carol came wth her husband. We invited our potential New Zealand distributor this morning.

This is my first winter after 5 years..huuhhhuhu….sammmmuuuuuiiine….
ok,till then…


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