What I look forward during bussines trip

Some people might not enjoy their bussines trip but for me I look into the positive parts to motivate me to enjoy when i am required to travel.

This is the time when we can stay at nice and high end hotel.So,make use of it! hehehe

In japan,it is famous of their culture of having bath before you sleep.With 38 degree warm water.
So,here I buy few bath salt and have my sweet own time bath in the bath tub.


It is so much fun to buy few types of bath salt with different effects such for relaxation, good sleep and reduce tiredness.I bought them all!
While having the bath,i wear the face mask! .ala ala pwincess beauty gitu kan! kekekkkke…

I will have one glass of milk before going to sleeep and it realy helps to accomodate your body a good sleep.Especially,when you already had a hectic day.
The next morning when u wake up,u will feel so fresh! yeaaay!!!

Believe me,u should do this!

wrap up from my business trip..here it is..thank you for all the gifts from customers and distributors.



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