Zhariff s visit to Lumut

jeng jeng jeng…i first time bwk my son naek train in Msia( msia belom…dubai n istanbul je dah…) kakakakakaka…

well , my dad and I have been planning to visit amad gendots place since last year…but i was pregnant and down with bad sickness.so we delayed it. and gndots(nama manja aka saje cr psl) plak g training for 8 months in india.
so , cuti federal day & Thaipusam ni,we decided to visit amad.they had moved in to TLDM officer quarters. and it is spacious and fully furnished with interiors.
ok,back to our journey,papa suggested to take the ETS train( some sort of fast speed electric train service by KTM bhd) . zahrul dropped us at KL sentral and we took 11am train. u can check the ETS timetable through KTM website.just google it..

It has 2 types.gold and silver.gold train has 11 stops but silver train has 14 stops.meaning , if you take the gold express , the journey is less than 2 hrs. for us , it took about 2hrs and 15mins from KL sentral to Batu Gajah. service is ok and seats are comfortable. fare is rm 22 for adult and rm 16 for children. i would say, it was a relax and very comfortable journey.( a bit cold aircond though)


talking about handling zhariff…grrr….he showed his tantrum at kl sentral,lying down on floor and cried in train. luckily he stopped when the train started to move.
i pretended to sleep and soon after that he fell asleep too.( he got bored i think..haha)


we reached batu gajah at 1.15pm and waited for ahmad to fetch us.the train station is provided wth restrooms,surau and small kiosk. it takes about 40mins from Lumut to Batu Gajah station



my mini model of the day..hehe…(sian adek,i had to leave baby zayed with zahrul since I couldnt handle both…ooo,zahrul couldnt take leave on monday..so he couldnt go wtn us)

Arrived in TLDM Lumut Base, we stayed at amadz place.besssaar n spacious…there are 4rooms and 3 restroom,fully furnished , kitchen cabinet furnished ,spacious rooms and halls. zhariff suke betol g balcony…here got 2 cats yg manja giler and those cats are scared of zhariff…haha….si kenit minion ni asek sergah je kucing tuh…n tepuk..haaaiissh….



my sil,miza served us laksa johor n this morning,we had nasi lemak…(tghari ni i trus cr timbang brrat….i feel fat….hahaha….dh two weeks tk g jogging..demmmys) ..ok tkpe,balek kl,need to cut dinner…yosh yosh,ganbarimasu!!!

one last thing, i got my birthday present…awwwww,so sweet of amad ( and miza ) …


what s inside???? shhhhh…..diam diam je….i need to add on those cute mute  pendants…hikhikhik…thank u mad,kakwa really happy and appreciate it…( ok,myb lg 10 thn die jmpe dis blog kot) …nnt beli lgi ye….kekkekkkeke….

muahmuah from LuMut ^_^


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