Be grateful

Be grateful..yes,that is what I am always being reminded to. To tell you a story,I lost my new mobile.and yes,it was the new i phone 6. Furthermore, I only used it for 2 weeks ONLY . The biggest fact that made me frustrated is I lost it when I was in the office.erm,okay..not at my workstation.
It was the office pantry. The time frame was only 1.5hrs during lunch time.When I went back to the office,I searched at my desk and pantry,not found . I immediately called my number and unfortunately , line was not available anymore.It meant the suspect took my phone amd took out the simcard. My screen was set with a password lock.He couldnt switch on and off unless he knew how to take iphone’s simcard. My conclusion,it must be someone who knew about iphone. After discussion with HR admin team , we had narrowed down to a conclusion that someone has taken my iphone. My new Iphone 6 gold. huaaaaaaah….It happened 2 days before my business trip to Japan.

The sad part was our office is not equipped with inhouse camera.hurmmmm..takde rezeki. Our cleaners (we only have 2 cleaners) have been disclosed “clean” and I believe that. The whole office was shocked and since then everyone has become more alert and careful. Everyone leaves their mobile on the table okkay!  Even now, I locked my drawer properly. (before this,i couldnt even bother to lock it)

okay,enough about my missing Iphone. saya redha n pasrah….huhu


I received few gifts from various people.officemates and family.


First of all, I would like to embrace my prezent from my the only brother.Overdue birthday prezent.weeehuuuuu…..I was really happy….Never expect this kind of surprise from him.alhamdulillah..thank u mad….This is almost close to device price I paid to maxis Iphone….betapa allah itu maha adil…

Others, I received here and there from office colleagues. skin care set , hand cosmetics , sportswear and baby rompers.


I have ben using above products for my skin and it makes my skin looks better . Thank u to YOU.


For this set of hand cream, I love them ! hihihi…thanks to YOU. She bought a prezen for my baby too previously.


thank you to my distributor in Seoul…..zayed can now fit with 12 mon old clothes.


Thank you to you too for above All Blacks sportswear t shirt.

Now,if I were to calculate all gifts with  the thoughts that I counted and to compare with the loss of iphone 6 , definetly they are more meaningful to me.Obviously, the SUM price has already compensate the price of my Iphone 6.

alhamdulillah and thank u.


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