Fuel & Lubes Conference March 2015

This year, I had an opportunity to attend Fuel & Lube conference which is annually being held in Singapore.It was very much of technical presentation by many speakers  . For a first timer, I admit it was very blur blur for me to digest all information. However , I feel it was beneficial to me since I could gain some insights and socialized with some participants from all over countries.  Event was held at Pan Pacific Marina Sq. However,I stayed at Marina Mandarin Orchard Rd due to full house in Pan Pac. We were actually being sponsored by our supplier and it was very pleasant to meet them.It was My first time to meet them since normally they will communicate with our technical team. Thank you to ting feng and his team for the hospitality and of course I had the famous murtabak Zamzam restaurant. Mmg sdap!!! And kenyang giler..weeeehuuu.. I was there in Singpore for 4 days and couldnt wait so much longer to meet my sons!! (Cume time shopping mcm kt ocrhard rd je lupe anak ngn laki…kekekekeek) Thanks to sharin,my colleague from OEM team,I had a good companion during my trip there.   


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