Weekend playgroup

hurmmh..I m in d middle to consider to send zhariff to weekend playgroup.At this ABS kindy,they have alimkids weekend playgroup at sri gombak.

Why i am into this because zhariff has the symptoms of speech delay.we brought him to his peads,dr k pop(bukan name sebenar but omg he does look like kpop wannabe) doc said try this playschool or playgroup or whavever social class exposure and come back to see me in 2 months if there is no progress.

Till now he cant say and combine words .nk susun ayat “i want milk” bunyi cm “altantunyan” ..haa kan,budak kecik pon tau kes bunuh profil politik…kakakakkak..

He can only say mama,dada,nak,tuuu ,nnpaa(grandpa) .by rite at his age he shud be able to combine words and organize a sentence.ex, mama, nak sleep.

But he understands instructions and memorizes words,photos.(apart from being obsessed with vehicle toys).

I do hope he will have some impovement soon.

  Haha,for the first 15mins he was the best student la fokus ngahdap teacher die…lepast tu…grrrrr…mama abeh tenaga kejar die and to mak him stay to listen,woooooo it was very challenging.
  He made a paper rainbow on that day(yg bertungkus lumus is mama okkkay!-haha)

Will update more about his classes.btw,registration is rm200 and per module is rm250(6weeks) .One hour per class and once a week.



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