Baby zayed got caught

During my last business trip,Zayed had a fever and running nose.(sdeh hiba hatiku jauh antara benua). Couple of day after I returned back home,he had high fever again.

We brought him to peads at columbia setapak(i like dr margaret) . Few tests were done and influenza type A was detected (non H1N1.

Few days he was suffering with bad fever and he was so eneryless looking..sian zayed..Doctor advised for admission and I agreed.( for someone who likes hospital like me…hehe)

I settled admission (guess what time setel admission tgk date br realise omg!it was my wedding aniversary date) and stayed through the night.Zahrul has to attend his domestic outstation and he was in pahang for one night.zhariff was being taken care by his atok nenek in kalumpang.

When medication started,no more fever occuree and that was a good thing for doctor to allow us to go back home.weeee…

Pity adik,had to go through for IV drip , medication and hospitalization.

So far alhamdulillah…no fever..  

Influenza A virus causes influenza in birds and some mammals, and is the only species of influenza virus A. Influenza virus A is a genus of the Orthomyxoviridae family of viruses. Strains of all subtypes of influenza A virus have been isolated from wild birds, although disease is uncommon. Some isolates of influenza A virus cause severe disease both in domestic poultry and, rarely, in humans.Occasionally, viruses are transmitted from wild aquatic birds to domestic poultry, and this may cause an outbreak or give rise to human influenza pandemics.

Influenza A viruses are negative-sense, single-stranded, segmented RNA viruses. The several subtypes are labeled according to an H number (for the type of hemagglutinin) and an N number (for the type of neuraminidase). There are 18 different known H antigens (H1 to H18) and 11 different known N antigens (N1 to N11). H17 was isolated from fruit bats in 2012.H18N11 was discovered in a Peruvian bat in 2013.

Each virus subtype has mutated into a variety of strains with differing pathogenic profiles; some are pathogenic to one species but not others, some are pathogenic to multiple species.

A filtered and purified influenza A vaccine for humans has been developed, and many countries have stockpiled it to allow a quick administration to the population in the event of an avian influenza pandemic. Avian influenza is sometimes called avian flu, and colloquially, bird flu. In 2011, researchers reported the discovery of an antibody effective against all types of the influenza A virus.


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