Baitulmal: for better or worse?

Just a quick feeling confession in the morning after a day of my charity visit to a family introduced by my smkgs teacher.

My first conversation with the young man already cought my attention and emotions.

Me : akak nak jmpe awak time bile yg ok ye

Boy: hari hari kalau mlm sya keje kak.

Me : oo.adik keje ape dik..waktu keja? 

Boy : saya keje psr malam je kak (a big dang smashed my heart) . Sabtu ahad saya keje pasar pg.

Me : oo.ok (believe me i was so touched that i could start to cry) .nnt akak text awk ye.insyallah ari ahad ptg.

What brought me into a such emotional situation is when others have the luxurious of eating tony romas,tgiv,baskin n robbin(reminder to myself as well) ,buying charms to add pandora..there are people who are struggling for even one ringgit or atleast a meal of the day. Furthermore , this young man is only 17years old who is going to sit for a big exam.

While others youngsters are bothered with latest gadjets,entertainment and fashion,this young man is working to get money to help his parents.

Ya allah ya tuhanku,i deeply pray for the family to have the brightest light to lighten up their heart,mind and motivation to go through every single day and night.

Talking about baitulmal,i least trust this organization since years but it was all from people stories.Here I am,confronted the real case. This boy’s mother was diagnosed with severe stroke and it happened in Medan,Indonesia in year 2014. All the reports were from local hospital.The father is a pensioner of 60 years old and previously worked as a bus driver. He has to look after the mother. The eldest is working as a clerk(with a spm qualification) and the youngest brother is the one I communicated with.

They tried to apply for Baitulmal’s help. Their application was rejected due to incomplete justification. Medical report was issued from hospital in Medan and Baitulmal needs official from Goverment Hospital in Malaysia.

Ok fine,I understand the procedure but couldnt you atleast identify the reason why they cant go to HKL. They do not have vehicle transportation and to get a taxi,the amount will take atleast RM 60-return.To us,it is not a big amount but to them,IT IS SOMETHING! 

Oh came on baitulmal! Put some consideration to those kind of people.Im sure there are a lot more outside outskirts people that are facing the same situation.

Baitulmal should atleast provide their staff to offer and conduct visit to help for the necessary procedure to be completed.stupid damn them! Jawabla di akhirat.

Or atleast get some collabaration work with the medical authorities to verify and to assist those families. Tkkan la takde org voice out and come out with solutions????? 

This is quite saddening.hurmmh..when u can see mosques and musolla getting bigger,nicer and developed,we still have community struggling to live. You can brag about zakat collection is millions or billions but how far you execute they zakat distribution???? Shame on you .

Ya allah,jauhkan la diriku dn kluargaku dari menzalimi manusia yg laen.

Hurmmh,moving forward, i will discuss this within my group and if it necessary for us to go to Baitulmal to get something to be done, WE WILL .


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