Suzuka 2015( not suzuka nobita )

Suzuka as in a place in nagoya prefecture in japan.not suzuka little girl from doremon animation.aha!

Anyway,I feel so lighten up to write about this event but little bit prolonged.I was working as one of the event project member with marketing team(Kuli kecik je tolong assist).It was a great experience as in learning and “visibling” myself. Hahahahha…tp im still the kuli kecik(lagi comel??? ) hahaha..

By the way, it was actually the final japan GT race and my distributor proposed us to contribute sponsorship by rebranding the suzuka circuit into a Petronas circuit( how i really wish!) . Due to budget and management approval,we had to scaledown the sponsorship.still ok since we mainted the main bridge sponsor. U want to see???? 

 Tadddda….  See..our name is there!!! 
But! That was not the main event.the main item was Gala (extravaganza) Dinner.hhahhaa. Management would like to have a regional product launch for our new product with our exclusive positioning via “cooltech” .

Regional level means our guests are from PLI office(we have italians,spanish,german,thai,malaysian and indians) , our country office from PLI malaysia,PLI Indonesia,PLI china ,PLI Thai and Japan distributor. 

Can u imagine the hurdles and challenges handling 60 guest and most of them are management staff…haha..but luckily I have a good project leader from marketing.(dont mention about stress and pressure,he s allergic to that..ahahahha) .Thank u sony,I learned a lot during this period.

Anyway, we organized event for 3 days in japan,we had to go trillion series of phone discussion with our japan side (mobility land who owns the suzuka circuit) and few times of business trip. 

Alhamdulillah,with everyone’s effort,all turned out outstanding.Senior management board were all satisfied and flattered with the entire event.

        Thank you to C4 planning team,they were our  event management team introduced by mobilit land.

We ended our dinner night awesomely(tiredly is more correct) 

On the 2nd day, it was the racing day.We spent one whole day at paddock lounge and we had internal activites organized.

   This is our team from PLI .Culturally diversified ! (Chaotically -i think hahaha)
 Suzuka girls of the day?? Haha

On the 3rd day, we had a trip to Honda manufacturing plant.Japan is awesome! Malaysia masih jauh di belakang..huhu


This is the whole team of PLI guests and us who participated in Suzuka event.

Looks awesome rite??? Hahha

Hope this event managed to set up brand platform in Japan.

And …

To bring us volume!



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