I am here again in Japan for business trip. And on my way to the airport to fly back.yeay! Before arriving Japan, I was in Taipei for 2 nights. It was my first time to be in Taiwan.

We have our Petronas distributor in Taipei. Mr Chou is like a living legend businessman in lubricant business.In Taipei,I didnthave much time and didnt buy anything there.

We managed to go to the top of 101 tower,tallest building in ???? ( i cannot keep track since everyone is chasing to build skycrappers everywhere) .However ,I do know that they have highest speed elevetor in the world!! 

We went up to the observation deck at 89th&90th floor and the ticket was about rm55.

With Lucy,one of Mr chou’s staff.

Most probably,I have to fly again in Jan/Feb next year .

One thing I noticed, they have a lot of scooters!!! We need to recover our volume back…

Till then…muahhahaha 🙂  

*p/s who says i m gonna write about japan?? 🙂


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