Birthday shoutout or birthday hide

Have u ever wondered about birthday concept? Before,I was like a typical common girl who would always look forward wth birthday celebration and millions wish. Now,i try to keep it low as much as I could.

Wishes from family members and close friend are enough. I mean on the sincerity.I doubt on people’s sincerity.hahaha..

Whether they celebrate just because of trend or they really want to make me happy or for whatever reason..haha..sengal kn jiwa ku ini..

But, i hide my birthday on FB,my birthday wish comes from my family members and close friends who “remember” and “memorize” .I find those wishes are pure and thoughtfull.

But..dont get me wrong,I do appreciate all wishes and thank you for the prayers from them who came accross to know my birthday coincidentally.thank you everyone! 

P/s  I welcome my 3series of gorgeousness and wealth..ahahaha 

Few people made my day with some stuffs..weee 



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