What keeps you motivated?

tadda..a topic that i am also not motivated to write on.haha

Just wondering when u r so whatever mode,how to generate positive vibes? 

Lets be honest,do u really think being positive and motivated are simple things?

I dont think so.why?because we are surrounded by human.human who have mouth to keep on talking,to keep on judging and to keep on telling stories.

And we have various kind of people,emotional people with menggelabah behaviour, “im the only right” person , ” oooo,i pity her so much” in way kesian tk tentu pasal” , and bla bla bla..when u come into a situation whre these poeple just have the strenght of manipulate of what they have..intentionally or unintentionally..

However,all motivators will have all kind of persuasion to have positive thinking.yeah,its workable but..till what extend..u can be positive where people say,hey look ..his wife is super controlling and posessive ,i think he has nothing..Yet,u can still be positive???  Tp boleh je kn..

This is where i use Whatever method! U use it when all the positive methods dont work..haha..and not to have stress whatever is happening around u.
I should write a book on this method..haha 

And I can be famous like below author..kuikuikui




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