International Youth Rally : Hostelling for peace international understanding 

This is so overdue post.Sorry HI (Hostelling International) . Better late than never.. Hehe

I was excited to post about this event but could not find the right mode at the right time ( as if now is the right time with sleepy migrain mode..haha )

Anyway, talking about this event / program ,it is an Asia Pacific International Program under “Hostelling International” and “Youth Hostel Association” .

I joined once which it was held in Tokyo,2006-still in high energy youth mode..:-)

This year ,HI Malayia was honoured to host  in Kuala Lumpur from 18th-23rd Sept 2015 at Wira Hotel.Invitations were sent to cross countries in Asia Pacific. We received excellent response and total countries to participate is 6 with total participants is 60 pax.

We have all members from India,China ,Taiwan, Korea , Singapore , Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

We had our opening ceremony on the first day and indoor activities.Ideas and opinions were shared during “intelectual activities” to promote generating vibes on current international peace. Discussions were done,brain mapping was utilized,presentations were seen and definitely voices have been raised.

As a part of member who has joined before,I strongly recommend uni students,youngsters to join or parents to send their kids. It s good u can have exposure with many kinds of people with different culture,ideas and we can learn by each other.

On our 2nd day,we had our outdoor program to visit native village called “kampung orang asli”.

On 23rd,it is the final night and we hosted a cultural dinner and celebration.Each country team will have to present their cultural presentation.”this is my most favourable slot”…haha..

We had indian dance,Kpop singer, china “taichi” , msian dance ,arabic songs and taiwanese drama play.It was very entertaining.


 Each participants was given certificate by HI Malaysia president ,Lt Kol Hamirudin.  

It was very entertaining that night and colourful mode.

I strongly support high energy and outgoing youth to join this kind of event.

Anyone who is interested ,kindly browse HI malaysia( hostelling international malaysia) .

View this link at

Let s join and become a member!



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