PLI movie night 2016

walllaaa…i have ended my entire bz week last Saturday.I participated as an organizing committee for our corporate annual dinner.fuuh fuuh fuuh…and it was actually for farewell bid to en amir,our CEO.

We have 12 committee members and alhamdulillah,everyone worked closely and coorperated very well. Awesome job everyone! 

Event was held at Grand Hyatt,KL.Thank you also to grand hyatt team and our event coordinator-Big Field. They have done their part awesomely.

I was very nervous before our event took place. To handle vip guests and all staff which was about 200 pax.

Alhamdulillah,everything took place smoothly without a single hiccup. It was fun to see everyone dressed in their costume. Aha…out theme is movie character. You can be anyone!!!

Enjoy some photos here…

With best ever boss aka good mentor!  

We had fun taking photos among us..and of course,everyone looked forward for lucky draw prizes.

We prepared iphone 6s,ipad air ,samsung tv amd many more!

Yesza! I had my luck that night! I won sharp air purifier!weee…the funny part was i was the one one the stage to hold winners envelope for our GM to award,then it was me!!!hahaha..

   All the best En Amir!!!! 
The best part was when we announced lucky chairs.Fyi,we announced 50lucky chairs.Envelopes were hidden underneath their chairs.Who had them,we prepared choc gift for them.When emcee announced,those who got your envelope,please collect your prize at table 1  after we end our event.tatapi!!!!but before emcee finished,all 50 guests serbu came to us at table 1. Trus collect and abes sume in 5mins! That was fun!!!hahaha…

Other than that,ade la small small issue but we managed to end our event without major hiccups.

Thats all from me..thanks to all committee members,we had fun working together 🙂

Last but not least….

Good day everyone! Keep working! Hihihi 😉


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