Sustainability of emotion

i started my day wth a neighbor passed away.inalillah.

I already arrived lrt stn then Z told me he s on his way back for ziarah. We went to the surau.aunty sblah had not been well for almost 10 years ,due to stroke.

When I reached surau,preparation tok mandi dan kafan were ongoing. Bacaan yassin dan tahlil was conducted by imam. 

And of course,apart of reciting and doa,many things in my mind.some were past history and some were way forward.moments of insaf occuree too.i prayed more doa.for all of us.

Couldnt wait for kebumi,i went back to office,which was around 12 to arrive office.Quickly settled few things and attended meeting in late afternoon.summarized everything and around 7,went to surau and performed asar.immediately i noticed and realized,how quick and fast i turned to “all dunia” work…

In a glance,almost magrib and i almost forgot the insaf moment in this morning.A sad feeling came in. 

Ya allah,tetapkanla iman kami dan jadikan aku muslimin muslimat  yg lebih baek.Berkatilah urusan dunia dn akhirat kami.

I noe lots to improve here.lets do it internally and externally.


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