Papa dan anak 28thn nye..

Just called my papa. A friend here in Dubai informed me there was a job  vacancy in his company and suggested to drop my resume. Im confused,I m kind of looking fwd and set up my mind that Im going back. So I called papa.

Anak 28th bajet manja : erm, ade kwn sni offer antar resume tmpt HR die. But Im confused..

Papa : okla, give it a try…

Anaknye  : hurmm…. tp wa nak balek.. wa nak teman papa..

Papa : la… im ok here… try je, tk sure dpt… sian gak zahrul tnggl..

Anaknye : zahrul 100% ok.. we hve discussed ade beneficial wa balek koz I plan to buy a property wthin 2-3 yers,so while i work in kl, easy to deal wth bank or watsoever procedure. (Myb kna tlg beli umah parents die yg tgh sewakn. Tktau la.. koz zahrul jauh. Leceh.. tuh yg die tk kesah if i balek and he wants me to get my SAP cert. )

Papa : if the pay is good there, y not.. keje kjap to make some savings. Then u come bck bleh beli property sni.

Anaknye  : hurmmh.. nak balek teman papa..mkn ngn papa…


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